Kerb stones are very stylish, strong and perfect replacements for bricks. They offer an elegant look to your home, office or any other building and maintain it in robust condition for years. We are providing the best Kerb stone in Jaipur at an affordable price, and you can get them in varied shapes and sizes.

As a best Kerb Stone Manufacturer & Dealer in Jaipur, we create and customise the material for our client’s demand. The architecturally sensitive designs of kerb stones serve millions of purpose from big industries to governments’ public sectors. These stones have multiple utilities like drainage channels on highways, delineate paved areas, used at driveways, streets, and hardstandings. There are a plethora of hard landscaping schemes in place. Thus, from the users’ point of view, the utility is quite high, and the durability is way ahead of any of the competitors around.

Our staff and employees ensure the timely delivery of all promises made by us. So, if you have a penchant for the best kerb stones in Jaipur, you can visit us and experience the class.

Rectangular (PVC Moulded)

Size – 12’’x6’’x4’’

Rounded (PVC   Moulded)

Size – 12’’x12’’x4’’ & 12’’x8’’x4’’

Chamfered (Vibro Compacted)

Size – 12’’x12’’x6’’

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